Size a Ring Using a Spring Ring GuardThis style of ring guard is our number one choice for semi permanent ring sizing. Spring Ring Guards are self adjusting ring sizers allowing rings to adjust from 3/4 of a ring size up to three ring sizes. So if your finger consistently fluctuates in size this is the best style to use because once the ring guard is on the ring it will adjust to fit your finger. The hidden leaf spring assures a firm even tension when fitting over knuckles, making it smooth and comfortable to wear. This method of sizing a ring is cost effective and avoids permanently changing a ring size by having to cut and re solder the shank in order to size the ring.


Tools Needed


Step 1measuring_band

First measure the band width of your ring so you know which size spring ring guard you need to use. Take your ring and hold it in your hand so that the bottom of the band (the portion of the band that usually sits under your finger) is facing out. Grab your digital gauge in your free hand and open the jaws wide enough to fit on either side of the bands width. Close the jaws and record the millimeter width of the band.

Notice: This style of a ring guard will only work with rings that are a finger size of 5.75 or larger. Spring ring guards are not intended to be used on rings shanks that graduate significantly in mm width. Also keep in mind the prongs of the ring guard are intended to wrap onto a average size shank, where the height of the shank is not overly thick for its corresponding width. If your rings width is between the available ring guard mm sizes, then order the next size up. Ex: If the width of the lower half of the band is 1.90 mm, you would need to order the 2mm width ring guard.









Step 2spring_ring_guard_step1

Once you have your ring guard in hand you can install it into your ring. Holding the ring upside down, place the ring guard inside the band so that the prongs are facing up and around the band.

The ring guard should fit snugly over the width of the band if it is the right size for your ring. If the ring guard is very loose, it is probably too big for your band.







Step 3attaching_spring_ring_guard

Then, holding the ring guard inside the band, take your jewelers pliers and fold the prongs down and around the band so they close around it. They should hold the band securely but not scratch the metal.








Step 4spring_ring_guard_on_ring

Once you have folded the prongs down press down gently on the ring guard inside the ring. It should spring up and down slightly with the pressure of your finger allowing the guard to automatically adjust to the size of your finger.





Once your ring fits again, you can continue wearing it without fear. ┬áVisit’s Learning Center for more useful guides.