Size a Ring using a Stronghold Ring GuardStronghold ring guards act as a ring wrap in order to adjust the size of your ring. The two prongs wrap in the same direction around the band to secure its hold. The edges of the metal are rounded to prevent scratching or snagging clothing. The metal is malleable making it easy for anyone to be able to simply attach the prongs around their ring.


Tools Needed


Step 1measuring_band

You must first measure your ring so you know which size stronghold metal ring guard you need to fit your ring. Take your ring and hold it in your hand so that the bottom of the band or the portion of the band that usually sits on the inside of your finger is facing out. Grab your digital gauge in your free hand and open the jaws wide enough to fit on either side of the outside of the band and then close the jaws around your ring band and record the millimeter measurement of the band.

The stronghold ring guards are available in four sizes to fit a different span of band widths. Once on the ring, each ring guard can be adjusted to size your ring down from a 1/8th of a finger size down to 1 1/2 sizes smaller. Take your measurements and check out this chart:

  • Ladies Size: will fit a 1.75mm up to a 2.5mm wide band. Ring guard width is 1.60 mm, and for rings size 5.5 or larger.
  • Gents Size: will fit a 2.5mm up to a 2.70mm wide band. Ring guard width is 2.45 mm, and for ring sizes 8 and larger.
  • Giant Size: will fit a 2.70 mm up to a 4.50 mm wide band. Ring guard width is 2.60 mm, and for rings sizes 10 and larger.
  • Jumbo Size: will fit a 4.50 mm up to a 7.0 mm wide band. Ring guard width is 4.50 mm, and for rings sizes 10 and larger.



Step 2stronghold_ring_guard_step1

Once you have your stronghold guard in hand you can install it into your ring. Holding your ring upside down, slide the ring guard into the band so that the smooth side is facing up toward the top of the ring and the prongs hook around the outside of the band.

Push the ring guard into place so that the joint where the prongs join the bar is flush against the side of your ring and hold it in place with your fingers.






Step 3attaching_stronghold_ring

Take your jewelers pliers and fold the two prongs down around the outside of the band so they close around the ring. Once you have folded the prongs down turn the ring around so you can see the inside of the band and finish folding the prongs down by wrapping them over and through the inside of the ring shank. Depending on the width of your ring, the prongs may not reach very far through the inside of the band.

Use your pliers to squeeze the prongs flush against the inside of the ring to ensure that the ring guard fits comfortably on your finger.






Step 4stronghold_ring_guard_on_ring

Now that you have secured the ring guard in your ring, you’ll need to try it on.

If your ring is too small now, you can take the ring off and push the middle bar down towards the bottom of the ring to shape it to the band until it fits. Continue trying on the ring and pushing the bar down until it fits just the way you want.





Once your ring fits again, you can continue wearing it without fear.  Visit’s Learning Center for more useful guides.