School Ring Guards Size a Ring using a School Ring Guard are perfect for allowing rings to size down up to 3 full sizes smaller. They are typically used on larger size rings that need to be dramatically sized down. The name “school” ring guard comes from the idea of a high school boy giving his class ring to his sweetheart for her to wear as a symbol of their special friendship. “Makes his ring fit her”. This method of ring sizing is semi-permanent and the ring sizer can easily be removed from the ring with the use of a pliers.


Tools Needed


Step 1measuring_band

You must first measure your ring so you know which size school ring guard you need to fit your ring. Take your ring and hold it in your hand so that the bottom of the band or the portion of the band that usually sits on the inside of your finger is facing out. Grab your digital gauge in your free hand and open the jaws wide enough to fit on either side of the outside of the band and then close the jaws around your ring band and record the millimeter measurement of the band.

Since there are 3 available sizes for the school ring guards, each size will fit a different span of band widths and size rings various amounts. Take your measurement and see where it fits on this chart:


  • Small Size: will fit a 2.65 mm up to a 3.45 mm wide band. Ring guard width is 2.60 mm. The small size has a bridge (bar) that will fit the span of a ring sizes from sz.7.5 to 9.5
  • Regular Size: will fit a 3.45 mm up to a 6.0 mm wide band. Ring guard width is 3.40 mm. The regular size has a bridge (bar) that will fit the span of ring sizes around sz.10 to 11.5 .
  • Large Size: will fit a 3.45 mm up to a 6.0 mm wide band. Ring guard width is 3.40 mm. The large size has a longer bridge (bar) in order to fit the span of larger ring sizes from sz.12 and up.


Step 2school_ring_guard_step1

Once you have your school ring guard in hand you can install it into your ring. Holding your ring upside down, place the ring guard inside the band with the smooth side facing up toward the top of the ring and the shorter prongs resting inside the band.

As you push the school ring guard into place inside the ring, the shorter prongs should bend to fit smoothly against the curve of the ring.







Step 3attaching_school_ring_guard

Then, holding the ring guard inside the band, take your jewelers pliers and fold down the two prongs on one side of the band so they close around the band. They should hold the band securely but not scratch the metal.

Once you have folded the prongs down on one side of the band, turn the ring so you can fold the remaining two prongs down and around the band. These prongs will keep the ring guard from shifting while you were the ring.






Step 4school_ring_guard_on_ring

Now that you have secured the ring guard in your ring, you’ll need to try it on.

If your ring is too small now, you can take the ring off and push the middle bar down towards the bottom of the ring band until the ring fits. Continue trying on the ring and pushing the bar down until it fits just the way you want.





Once your ring fits again, you can continue wearing it without fear.  Visit’s Learning Center for more useful guides.