A wedding ring is a unique symbol of the love that a couple shares, of the vows they will make. What if you could make the wedding band you will place on your fiance’s finger yourself? Like, design, heat, solder, polish, and texture it yourself, with your own two hands? That ring would certainly mean a lot more than something you picked out of a store, don’t you think?


And that’s just what companies like Wedding Ring Experience and New York Wedding Ring are specializing. They hold a day long workshop for couples to come, choose their metals and their design and then create their wedding rings together. The product is something unique to your relationship: no one else can have a ring that looks exactly like the wedding bands you and your fiance create.
The trend is growing, more and more people are making their rings themselves if the 340 workshops that the Wedding Ring Experience hosted last year are any indication. While prices for these DIY wedding ring workshops vary based on the materials, they average between $995 and $2,600 for both rings. With this new option, you can create something that is completely yours and maybe even save money in the process… And we all know that weddings can be awfully expensive adventures. To read more about making your own wedding ring, and the experiences of some of the people who have done it, check out this New York Times article.