Yesterday at the JCK show in Las Vegas, GemOro unveiled their new AuRACLE AGT-2 gold tester. Bill Esslinger, owner of was so impressed that he called us up last night to share the news with us – and now we just have to share it with you. In a year, the AuRACLE Electronic Gold Tester has evolved with the times: the new AuRACLE AGT-2 model takes all the advantages of its predecessor and combines them with the technology revolution.


Bill tests out the new AuRACLE AGT-2 gold tester at the JCK show in Las Vegas.

If the AGT-1 impressed jewelers and business owners like Bill last year, the AGT-2 completely blew them out of the water: “It’s just amazing how they’ve adapted [the AGT-2] to new technology like the iPad,” Esslinger said, “It looks very nice and is incredibly user-friendly.”

Just hook the tester up to your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet and get easy to read results displayed on the device via a bar graph readout or analog meter readout. According to Bill, the analog meter looks a lot like a speedometer, the needle swinging to point to karat weight of the gold. More than just being easy to read, the new tester technology also allows you to save the testing results for history or logging purposes, though at this point you can’t label each individual test.

“It’s $100 more expensive than the AGT-1, but its well worth the cost,” Bill said.

Compared to the original AuRACLE gold tester, the AGT-2 is even more user friendly. It removes any need for prior prior training or experience in gold testing: anyone can determine the karat weight of their gold, if the metal is gold at all, with the LED display.

It features the patented AuRACLE testing technology that tests gold of all color variations from six karat gold to 24 karat gold, platinum, and even distinguishes between gold filled, gold plated, and solid gold pieces. Still a non-destructive test: it does not require the use of any gels, staining chemicals or acids to test metals which makes it is safe to use when testing unknown metals.

With easy to understand results, this gold tester is an investment that will last for as long as you need to test gold: the included saline-filled pen probe testing tip will provide approximately 5,000 gold tests and when the pen probe needs to be replaced, a new probe is available from

The AGT-2 will be available in August. For more information on the AGT-2 or the AGT-1 or to pre order the tester visit us at