Are you a jewelry fanatic? Fascinated by the jewels of the royal families that have been collected over centuries of wealth and prosperity? Coming in August and September, you will be able to view the British Royal Jewels of the last two hundred years at Buckingham Palace. That’s right, all the fabulous personal jewelry of the British monarchy on display for two months: get your plane tickets now.

This display titled “Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration” will commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. It will include famous historical pieces like:

  • The Coronation necklace and earrings created for Queen Victoria and subsequently worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother), and the current Queen at their coronations.
  • Queen Victoria’s Fringe Brooch
  • The Williamson Brooch
  • And the 18th century bloodstone box made for King Frederick the Great of Prussia

To name just a few. For more information about the pieces above, check out this article.