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Posted by Esslinger Staff

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Ecole des Métiers et Artisans de Haute Horlogerie has developed an evaluation mechanism to measure watchmaking skills and aptitudes of the participants. The skills of the participants are grouped for the positions of operator, watchmaker, and service. Whereas, micromechanics, engraving and enameling skills will be incorporated in future tests. As it is with any test of importance, evaluation should be repeatable and reliable; therefore the test is carried out on an ETA movement on a default setting.


Ecole des Métiers et Artisans de Haute Horlogerie


Ecole des Métiers et Artisans de Haute Horlogerie will provide a continuing 2-week watchmaker training program. This will enable watchmakers assess their own strengths and grow upon them. There is no final score at the end of the evaluation but the assessment gives the evaluator a good idea of the participant’s skills and interest. We are happy how a new test devised by a watchmaking school can help a participant shape his career and importantly put his skills to the best use for the watchmaking community as a whole.


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