If you want to create a bead dangle with only one simple loop, we recommend using wires with head pins at the ends. The head pins will keep the bead from sliding off the wire, giving you a beautiful finished look. To accomplish a simple bead loop on a piece of wire with a head pin, follow these instructions:


Step 1

Slide the bead unto the wire so it rests against the head pin.


Step 2

Cut off the excess wire so that only about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch remains at the top of the bead.


Step 3

Bend the wire into a 90 degree angle right where the bead ends so that the bead won’t slip and slide on the wire when you’re finished. A flat-nosed pliers will make bending the wire much easier.


Step 4

With a round-nose pliers, grab the end of the bent part of the wire, closest to the end. Where you grip the wire in the pliers will determine how wide the loop will be.


Step 5

Gripping the wire firmly in the round-nose pliers, twist the pliers and roll the wire back toward itself in the opposite direction that you bent it in.


Step 6

When you reach the base of the wire again with the end, you have created a wire loop. If you have excess wire, cut it close to the bend in the wire.

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