Using a pre cut settings requires little skill and minimal jewelry making tools or equipment. Even a novice can set diamonds in seconds, there’s no need to have a jeweler do the work. Loose stones laying around can be made into beautiful finished jewelry in just a few simple steps.


These versatile settings makes jewelry design possible for almost anyone. The design of the settings allows for diamonds and diamond cut gemstones to be set with ease. No longer does a jeweler need to measure, scribe depth lines as well as insure all seats are of equal depth and on the same plane. There’s no need to worry about cutting the seat of your prong too shallow, to deep, or unevenly. The seat depth is already cut based upon size of stones average crown height. In addition, the seat is cut 30% into the prongs to accommodate the stone’s girdle. Even if your stone has an uneven girdle or other odd dimensions, most of the cutting has already been done for you. Pre cut settings are engineered to accommodate 90% of all diamond sizes.
Use the following articles to learn how to set a stone in a pre cut setting in a couple different ways.