Jewelers often have watch gaskets in their shop to use for watch repair because it is common to replace a watch back gasket after you have changed a watch battery. Using a small piece of rubber gasket, you are able to make adjustments even while the coin is being set in place. You can also use several pieces of gasket around the bezel for precise fitting. The advantage of using a rubber gasket in tightening coins is that you can remove the coin without scrapping or cleaning off glue or other adhesives as the gasket it only set in place and that a gasket will be long wearing and the gaskets properties will keep the coin firmly in place.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

Since there are several different thicknesses of watch gaskets available, you should always start by checking your collection of gaskets to find the thinnest one that looks like it will fit in the space between the coin and the bezel. It is important that you always choose the thinnest gasket possible that will secure the coin to reduce the stress on the bezel and to keep the gasket invisible to the eye.

If you need to order a new gasket we recommend you get one that is greater than 20 mm in diameter and smaller than 0.6 mm in thickness.


Step 2cut_gasket

Once you have your gasket in hand, using your scissors, cut a small part of the o-ring gasket out.




Step 3

Next, remove the coin from your coin bezel with your flathead screwdriver. Set the coin aside where it won’t get lost.




Step 4place_gasket_in_coin_bezel

Take the small piece of gasket you cut out into the bottom of the coin bezel. Start by adding just one piece of extra gasket to the bezel and see if that is enough to make the coin fit tightly in the setting.








Step 5place_coin_in_bezel_over_gasket

Gently pull the bezel open and place the bottom portion of the coin over the gasket in the setting first. Keep the gasket in place as best you can so that it does not show through either side of the setting. When the coin is in place, pinch the bezel shut and check the fit.

Important: Be careful when spreading the coin bezel open that you only bend as far as needed to slip the coin into place to prevent bending or kinking the coin bezel out of shape.







Step 6

If the coin is still loose in the setting, remove it again and cut another piece out of the watch gasket. Place the second piece in the setting along another portion of the inside of the setting. You may need to “tack” the gasket in place using a quick drying cement or glue to prevent the gasket pieces from shifting or falling out before you can set the coin back into the bezel.

Reinsert the coin and check the fit. Repeat this process until the coin fits snugly in the bezel fitting again.




Once you are satisfied that the coin fits tightly in the setting again, pinch the coin bezel together at the top with your fingers. Insert the screw and using your screwdriver, tighten the screw to secure the coin in place.

While putting the screw back into place make sure not to over tighten it which will strip the screw threads. Visit’s Learning Center for more useful guides.