It is quite amazing to see how the intricate and flawlessly entwined gold and silver pendant chain takes form through a perfect work balance among men and machines.

The above video fittingly demonstrates the awesome power of machines as human tools for making beautiful pieces of jewelry. In less than 5 minutes, we are guided through the complex process of making different types of gold chains. The video zooms in to the machines in slow motion as it interlinks the golden wire into a chain with high-speed precision. Three more machines for setting, cooling and gold tinting are used before the chain is finally checked by man’s naked eye for quality.

After viewing this we realize why a gold chain is valued as it is – the effort and resources put in every piece are astounding!  But if you still doubt if that gold chain you’re buying is worth the price, try running it on the AuRACLE gold tester for an accurate reading of gold quality.


Gold Chain