A watch that plays the time might seem like a gimmick, but that is not the case for mechanical watches. The minute repeater, the mechanism that makes the watches chime, is a high complication. Making a minute repeater is so complicated that it only master watchmakers can achieve it and it takes them about one to two years to make. These watches are extremely rare, afforded only by the richest and a privilege to own which is only granted to the world’s elite collectors by Patek Philippe.


Patek Philippe is almost always the preferred choice for collectors of watches with minute repeaters. But there are also other things about Patek Philippe that feel premium. For example, other premium Swiss brands have service centers in the US, whereas Patek Philippe opened an Institute to train new age watchmakers under the guidance of master watchmakers. Another example of this is that one simply does not walk into a store for a Patek Philippe. There is a complicated process through which you can apply for purchasing one and only then you might be granted the permission to buy one.

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