This is an opportunity to break into the luxury watch industry as an apprentice watch polisher and repair person. In this role, you will work under our experienced team of watch experts learning the ins and outs of an industry that is truly timeless.

Certified Luxury Watches is an e-commerce company that buys and sells watches all over the world. Our online luxury watch marketplace provides access to millions in inventory for prospective buyers on any given day. We pride ourselves on an exquisite. top of the line inventory.

watch repair

Certified Luxury Watches repair polisher apprentice performs finishing and cleaning for new and customer-owned jewelry and watches. The polisher works with all common metals, including platinum, and gemstones as well as some specialty materials. The polisher is expected to perform finishing and cleaning repairs using standard techniques including buffing with all compounds, lapping, thrumming, satin finishing, sandblasting, hand polishing, ultrasonic and steam cleaning, rhodium plating, etc.

Along with the technical aspects of this role, you will be working in a booming fast-paced technology-driven luxury timepiece environment. Assisting shipping and receiving, inspecting the new inventory and wearing many hats will lead you to an opportunity with our company.

Job Type: Full-time

Work Location:

One location

Benefits offered:

•Paid time off
•Health insurance
•Dental insurance
•Retirement benefits or accounts
•Workplace perks such as food/coffee and flexible work schedules



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