We have a fantastic opportunity for an experienced jeweller and watch repairer to join our team at K Bassam Jewellers. Our stores are based in Bromsgrove, Kidderminster and Sturbridge where you will be expected to work between.

Job Duties and Tasks for a Jeweller

• Cuts and shapes metal into jewellery pieces, using cutting and carving tools.

• Have an understanding of stones for colour, perfection, and quality of cut.

• Forms sand or rubber mould from model for casting article.

• Forms model of article from wax or metal, using carving tools.

• Solders pieces of jewellery together and enlarges or reduces size of rings, using soldering torch or iron.

• Repairs, reshapes, and restyles jewellery by replacing broken parts or using hand tools and machines.

• Ties or twists gold or silver wires together, and bends to form rings.

• Immerses jewellery in cleaning solution or acid to remove stains, or in solution of gold or other metal to colour jewellery.

• Smoothes soldered joints and rough spots, using hand file and emery paper, and polishes with polishing wheel or buffing wire.

watch repair

Job Duties and Tasks for a Watch Repairer

• Test and replace batteries and other electronic components.

• Test timepiece accuracy and performance

• Demagnetize mechanisms, using demagnetizing machines.

• Estimate repair costs and timepiece values.

• Record quantities and types of timepieces repaired, serial and model numbers of items, work performed, and charges for repairs.

• Clean, rinse, and dry timepiece parts, using solutions and ultrasonic or mechanical watch-cleaning machines.

• Disassemble timepieces and inspect them for defective, worn, misaligned, or rusty parts, using loupes.

• Gather information from customers about a timepiece’s problems and its service history.

• Oil moving parts of timepieces.

• Perform regular adjustment and maintenance on timepieces, watch cases, and watch bands.

• Reassemble timepieces, replacing glass faces and batteries, before returning them to customers

Minimum 2 years experience.

If the above excites you and you feel you can meet expectations please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss this role further!



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