It is so often all about the brand, and pleasingly this watchmaking career appointment is working directly for one of the world’s most famous timekeeping marques. The difference though is that you will be based within one of their lead brand owned & self-operated boutique(s) in one of Central London’s most prestigious retail sales districts.

Job Role:
Master of your own solo workspace, this opportunity represents a key platform from where you can deliver your watch servicing expertise direct to brand aficionados at closer quarters than may have in the past been the case.

watch repair

There are many areas of workplace discipline that would remain unchanged from perhaps your current setting – though there would be greater direct customer contact & possibly wider job variety when delivering after sales in-boutique.

All the brand standards will absolutely be in evidence within your watchmaker’s suite and individually, although supported, you would need to communicate timelines and priorities workloads to maximize patron delight.

There will be close monitoring externally as to your micro workshops productivity and as has historically been the brands strategy, your continued horological training and heightening of your proficiency will be both expected and encouraged.

There are huge advantages for your colleagues that your expertise is so accessible, be it calling upon you for instant quick fitting, or estimates on likelihood of servicing timeframe, across to drawing upon your technical knowledge to explain a complication that in many customers & occasionally Retail Sellers eyes is just too dazzling to easily comprehend. Your calling is their collective saving and from a giving perspective should also be quite rewarding to appreciate the impact that your horology training can make.


It is imperative that you possess a rigorous well-respected watchmaker training (WOSTEP/BHI) and it is quite likely that you have mastered and been trained successfully in a bench role with a notable watchmaking name.

There would be opportunities to gain further accreditation if not already in place and from a career perspective there are absolutely opportunities to continue to build forward your knowledge and continued professional training – to apply please forward your CV to the team here at JML



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