Job description

Luxury Vintage Concept Inc. is a company that specializes in the restoration of vintage watches of all levels of importance. The working Team is composed of a master case and watchmaker, Junior watchmaker and detailing expert . We are looking for an qualified watchmaker and a trainee for the case refinishing/detailing and metal polishing department.

watch repair

The candidates must be possibility familiar with one more following skills:

•Solid experience or education for the watchmaker position alone.
•Some experience with the use of traditional lathes and application of various techniques for turning metal and making precision components (ex. mechanical parts of watches).
•Ability to perform complex mechanical machine.
•Experience with jewelry or watch case polishing.
•Experience with jewelry crafting, soldering and plating.
•Experience with the use of the most common precision measuring instruments.
•Strong sense for aesthetics, attention to detail and natural good dexterity.

Fundamental the qualities of seriousness, precision and punctuality orientation to quality , excellent organization skills, flexibility in adjusting to new working challenges.

A degree Diploma od study relevant to subject is appreciated

Job type: Full Time

Salary: $38,000 to 58,000 / Year


Watchmaker or watch technician 1 year at least

Bench Jeweler or watch technician 1 year possibly for trainee



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