Tiger Woods’ reported $10 million+ sponsorship contract with Tag Heuer ‘expired’ last month, making Tag the 6th major sponsor to drop him since his 2009 car accident and the following scandals.


The move shouldn’t come as a shock given that since 2009, Tag Heuer has scaled back its use of Woods’ image in markets like the United States. But it does bring into question whether or not the Tiger Woods brand is still a viable one in today’s markets. The golf legend has failed to win any tournaments since the 2009 accident, and in his comeback tournament the World Golf Championships Bridgestone Invitational last weekend he tied for 37th, 18 shots behind the winner Adam Scott. And word is that Nike, one of his remaining sponsors, has cut his sponsorship pay for failure to win any major tournaments in the last two years.


Who do you think will be the new face of Tag Heuer?

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