If you ever need a reason to remember why it’s important to be observant, outside of childhood memorization games, here it is: A jeweler in Los Angeles today foiled a robbery after notices that a silver Cadillac circled the block three times in five minutes.


After local jewelry merchants being warned of recent smash and grad robberies by the police, all it took was one observant jeweler to catch the bad guy (or in this case the five bad guys) before they even had a chance to get in the store.


The merchant pressed his panic button and they police were on the scene before the Cadillac passed by for a forth time and were able to detain them, after discovering “a hammer, gloves, a large canister of pepper spray used to ward off bears, and a pillow case” inside the car, with the occupants dressed in feature concealing hooded sweatshirts.


Kudos to the merchant: not only did he avoid a robbery, he also gave us a reason to be a little more alert to our surroundings.

You can read more about this almost robbery here.