You may know Elvis Presley better for his music or his tragic death, but in life he was quite the jewelry fan.

Replica of Elvis' Signature RingIn 1975, he wanted to add a signature ring to his collection of bling and had his personal jeweler Lowell Hays design one. The result was this $50,000 ring.

“It was set with onyx and an 11.5 ct. diamond in the center, plus another 3 cts. of diamonds forming lightning bolts and Presley’s TCB (Taking Care of Business) logo.”

When he saw the ring, Elvis was so excited about it that on top of the $50,000 price tag, he gave Hays his brand new white Lincoln Mark IV. He wasn’t just generous to his friends and jeweler though.


Elvis frequently gave away his jewelry during tours and concerts. In Jackson Mississippi, he gave a cancer-stricken boy his 14k gold and garnet cross. And at concerts, he gave jewelry to pretty women in the front rows so frequently that Hays started attending concerts with a case of jewelry for the King.

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