Social media is changing the way businesses advertise and approach deals and branding. And one jeweler from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma found a new way to not only draw a lot of online attention, but to also turn that attention into purchases in his store: Video Contests.


Joel David Wiland, owner of J. David Jewelry, designed the Diamond Fairy video contest where the contestants would create J. David Jewelry’s next commercial. And it became a mega advertising event for his business and his jewelry… An event that he is now marketing to other jewelers who are also using it to gain business and media attention.


In its first year, the video contest drew over 19,000 views online at the deadline time, giving J. David Jewelry incredible amounts of attention not only in Broken Arrow, but the neighboring cities too (including Tulsa and the large university community there).


Now the contest is supported by high quality commercials, TV, email, radio, Facebook, and YouTube advertising drawing participants and attention to Willand’s brand. (You can learn more about the Diamond Fairy video contest here.)


Willand gave the rights to distribute the “Diamond Fairy” video-contest event package to Premier Consulting. By sharing his creation with the advertising company, Willand has given jeweler’s a whole new marketing tool to increase their online presence as well as their business. If you don’t believe it, check out the results of Don Smith’s first Diamond Fairy contest.


Smith, the first jewelers to purchase Willand’s Diamond Fairy video event package had huge success with his first running of the contest with 25 submissions and a 90 second video and 30 commercial from the winner, Brianne Bowers. Watch her winning submission.