You can manipulate METAL like Magneto.

You can size a ring fast as Flash.

And you are often the usung hero who saves the day, like Superman or Wonder Woman!

One of the big advantages we have over internet jewelers is the fact that we want to deliver it TODAY. As a client-centered culture we always strive to deliver our customer’s purchase same day.

watch repair

I’m Brian Alter from Alter’s Gem Jewelry, and I’m excited to meet you, because you have the patience to deal with people and problems with kindness and a servant’s heart.

I can’t offer you fame…



– You can complete at least 15 jobs a day

– You deliver on time, and it’s always right the first time

– You are fully-skilled in all forms of setting (prong, channel, bright-cut, flat, micropave’, bezel, etc. etc.)

– You can set it and size it same day if needed

– Once in a while, you might even perform a bit of a miracle for our clients.

You don’t have to worry about CAD design, you’ll be working with jewelry that already exists.


You will be given to keys to our Secret Jewelry Repair Chambers and it’s top-of-the-line equipment:

– Laser Welder

– Steamer

– Benches

– Separate Polishing Room

– Time Machine?

If you have your own hand tools, great! If not, I’ll help you buy them.


You’ll be responsible for evaluating jobs, ordering what you need, and using your judgement.

Example: you have an order to fix three prongs but discover five actually need repair. Well you don’t need to get permission to do what is RIGHT: you just fix all five prongs.

We believe in empowering our employees to solve our client’s problem.

As our jeweler, you are often the unsung hero by your commitment to saving the day for our clients and our sales team.

All staff members mess up from time to time. But YOU don’t! You are the one who fixes it whenever humanly possible. You are the X-Man or X-Woman who steps in and rescues everyone from their own mistakes.

We should get you a red cape and tights. You are the SUPERHERO behind the scenes. You are the WIZARD behind the curtain.

When people are shopping to purchase jewelry, they’ll shop the world. But…

when people need repair they go to the place they TRUST. As the jewelry leader in Beaumont and all of Southeast Texas we have earned the trust of our clients, and we need YOU to insure that we continue to deliver magic for them.


If you’re not capable of earning at least $50K a year it won’t work; I need a jeweler who is capable of earning $80K a year. I am HOPING to pay you $80K, because of who you are and what you can do. But you have to show me that you are WORTH it.

•You lead by example
•You love LIFE
•You love people
•You work well with others
•You are a details person. For instance, if you don’t read this posting thoroughly (hint hint), we will never see your resume.


Convince us. Tell us about yourself. Use your words. Tell us your story. Tell us what you’ve done and how long you did it, what you like best and what you like least. Because you, my friend, are awesome. That’s why you probably already have a job. But trust me, this job is way better!


This is a fun place to work, and the people who work here love LIFE. Are you one of us?

We value thoroughness and the ability to focus, so we’re putting a special word in this paragraph to weed out sloppy people, half-hearted people, inattentive people and people without a sense of humor. Anyone skimming through job descriptions and blindly blasting out resumes won’t see this line. But you’re actually reading this job description, aren’t you? Nicely done. Put the word, “#WIZARD” in the subject line of your reply, and we’ll give your resume the same respect you’ve given this job description. We’ll actually read it! Any application that does not have #WIZARD in the subject line, will be printed out, wadded into a ball, and tossed into the trash via sky hook, nothing but net.

Most of the people who work here have been here for over fifteen years. This is not a place with a lot of turnover, and that should tell you something. I believe this is probably the most important position in the whole company, and truly an amazing job for the right person. I can’t wait to meet you!

Brian Alter, owner

Alter’s Gem Jewelry, Ltd.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year


Bench Jeweler: 5 years


Are you English speaking?
Are you bilingual?

Required work authorization:

United States





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