You have always loved tinkering with things and figuring out how they work.

You love to keep things so clean they sparkle like the Atlantic Ocean on a cloudless morn.

You are good with computers.

You can make great videos!

You’re the one who always saves the day with your great support, making sure no one drops the ball.

We are looking for someone who can take care of the behind-the-scenes details that make this the best jewelry store in Lake County!

Would you love to work with a fun group of people who really care about each other?

We’ll teach you how to change watch batteries, shorten watch bands and adjust clasps.

You will also be making professional-looking YouTube videos with us (probably next year).

watch repair

We’ll provide all the tools and training you need, but you won’t need much training ‘cause you’re awesome. That’s why you already have a job, but this job is way better!

If you’re the one we’re looking for, then here’s what we’re offering:

  • $13 – $15 an hour, depending on your mad skilz.
  • Tuesday-Saturday 9am to 5:15pm is all you’ll work.
  • Health care is paid for.
  • Lunches are paid for.
  • You get 6 paid holidays and up to 6 more personal days off.
  • Plus, you’ll be able to buy jewelry here AT COST, because we refuse to make a profit on you


Gosh this a great place to work.

Are you a good fit? Convince us. Tell us about yourself. Use your words. Please don’t send us that same boring resume you’re sending everyone else. Tell us your story. Tell us what you’ve done and how long you did it. Tell us what you liked best and what you liked least. What’s the catch? Well if you do not read this posting thoroughly ( hint, hint ) we will not read your resume.



You don’t need to be able to do calculus and speak French, but morons, idiots, goobers, whiners, lazy people and drama queens need not apply.

And you must appreciate Starbucks because every Saturday around 2pm the boss is buying.

If you think Folgers is better than Starbucks, this job is not for you.

Obviously this is a fun place to work and the people who work here love life.

Do you love life?




  • You love to figure out what makes things tick.
  • You’re strong (some watches take The Hulk to get them open).
  • You work well alone and with others.
  • You can handle the pressure when 10 watches come in at the same time.
  • You have a clean driver’s license.
  • No addicts, abusers or excuse makers. Basically no riff-raff. But that’s not you, right?


We value thoroughness and the ability to focus, so we’re putting a special word in this paragraph to weed out sloppy people, half-hearted people, inattentive people and people without a sense of humor. Anyone scanning through job descriptions and blindly blasting out resumes won’t see this line. But you’re actually reading this job description, aren’t you? Nicely done. Put the words “Tall Café Mocha” in the subject line of your email and we’ll give your resume the same respect you’ve given this job description. We’ll actually read it. Any application that does not have “Tall Café Mocha” in the subject line will go directly into the trash.

Last thing: we support each other around here.

If something needs doing, we need you to be the kind of person that jumps in and helps.

No one here ever says, “that’s not in my job description.”

I’m Richie Kluesener, owner of Gold In Art Jewelers, and if you’re all that? -well then I can’t wait to meet you!


Job Type: Full-time



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