Perform a thorough physical inspection, testing and diagnosis of incoming watches for After Sales Service. Perform all manner of repairs, maintenance, cleaning and or overhauls on watches received at the After Sales Service workshop.

Maintain a clean, neat, organized workshop including the work areas, equipment and tools.

watch repair


Watch Repairs:

  • Physical inspection and testing of watches to propose a diagnosis
  • Report proposed diagnosis to the Senior Watchmaker for approval
  • Enter approved diagnosis in system and enter recommended level of service needed to return the watch to full functionality in the repair system quotation module
  • Suggest optional repairs or maintenance to extend the life or aesthetic of the watch if needed
  • Research all part numbers needed to repair watch and enter into repair system quotation module
  • Verify that damage and/or necessary repairs are covered under warranty
  • Communicate all completed diagnosis and technical quotations to workshop coordinator
  • Choose all parts/components needed and the physical disassembly, repair, replacement, overhaul or calibration and reassembly of all approved repair jobs as per clients request and or needs
  • Fully clean and/or polish all internal and external components on all repair jobs as needed
  • Complete testing and quality control of all watch repairs including, but not limited to, timing accuracy, average rate, beat error, amplitude, consumption, power reserve, vacuum, air-pressure, and or diving pressure
  • Verify product and/or component authenticity


Maintenance of U.S. WFJ After Sales Service Workshop:

  • Assist in the implementation of all local and global service standards including but not limited to technical expertise, service quality, turn around, authenticity verification and workshop policies and procedures
  • Assist in monitoring repair lead times for internal workshop repairs. Communicate all possible delays to Senior Watchmaker & workshop coordinator
  • Keep his/her work bench, common areas and equipment neat, clean and orderly
  • Assist in the maintenance and upkeep of workshop equipment and tools


Inventory Management:

  • Assist in Quality Control Inspection of incoming spare parts
  • Takes part in the physical count of spare parts and watches for inventory reconciliation purposes
  • Assists in sorting and organization of parts and components as needed


Communications for US After Sales Service:

  • Provide information to Senior Watchmaker and coordinator to answer queries of boutiques, retailers and or corporate related staff regarding the repair and or technical aspect of repairs, estimated completion dates, delays, and or quality control
  • Report all potential authenticity issues to Senior Watchmaker



Skills and Knowledge :

  • Strong watchmaking skills
  • Skilled with working on complicated and delicate movements
  • Strong knowledge of mechanical movements
  • Strong knowledge of automatic chronographs
  • High degree of organization and follow-through
  • High attention to detail


Minimum Education :

  • Formal Training in Watchmaking or equivalent experience


Minimum Years of Experience:

  • 2-5 Years as a Watchmaker/Technician


Special Requirements:

  • Must be experienced working on high quality luxury timepieces
  • Polishing experience a plus




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