Place of work:  Plan-Les-Ouates
End date of application:  31.07.2023

Title:  Watchmaker Grandes Sonneries


As part of this function, attached to our Haute Horlogerie division, you will carry out all the assembly, adjustment and casing operations of our Grande Sonnerie watches while guaranteeing compliance with production criteria.


  •      Complete retouching and assembly of the movements of our Grande Sonnerie watches.
  •      Carry out the completion and adjustment of movements.
  •      Proceed with the casing, the sound and the termination of the watch components.
watch repair

Required profile

  •      CFC Watchmaker.
  •      At least 5 years’ experience in assembling Grandes Complications movements.
  •      Confirmed mastery of traditional assembly, completion/adjustment and casing.
  •      Mastery of retouching and finishing of watch components.
  •      Excellent dexterity and autonomy.
  •      Resilience.
  •      Excellent sense of analysis.
  •      Team spirit and openness to change.

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