Fountain Hills, USA is all set to revive the long-dead watchmaking industry in the USA. FTS USA, a newly formed Arizona company has partnered with Indian watch manufacturer Titan Co. Titan Co. is world’s 4th largest watch manufacturer and is owned by massive Tata Group, an Indian Conglomerate with revenues exceeding $100 billion annually. Kunal Naik, CEO and co-owner of FTS USA describes this as the “rebirthing” of American watchmaking.


His father, Santosh Naik, expects to employ 200 to 300 Arizonans at the Fountain Hills site in a couple of years. This facility will watch components including movements, the area which is largely Swiss-dominated. FTS plans to produce about 30,000 movements and up to 15,000 watches during the first year of operation which will be priced in the range of $200 to $600. This partnership will very likely result into Titan Co. getting a wider exposure and better brand recognition.




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