As many as 17 US states have introduced bills related to ‘Right to Repair’. The movement, which aims to give individual repairers the ability to repair their smartphones other than at the authorized service center is gaining ground. At the heart of this issue are companies looking to protect the intellectual property (IP)? Companies like Apple state the risks of losing IP if they were to let anyone other than them handle repairs. Whereas the other party wants customers to be able to choose where they get their phones repaired as this will considerably reduce repair costs which can sometimes exceed the value of the gadget.


Opening up third-party repairs would generate more jobs and allow customers to retain their phones longer. We think this movement important to report here, as even the watch industry, we see companies voiding warranties when watches are taken to unauthorized workshops. Many companies even keep a tight control on component distribution to avoid this. As a result, the customer has to often wait for long periods to get their watches repaired at significantly higher costs.





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