Improve: Contribute to the SPIRALE project to improve the running of the workshop as well as the quality of the repairs

Respect work tools: Ensure the proper use and maintenance of work tools


In order to provide a strong competitive argument to Audemars Piguet, the employee must follow the strategic plan which aims at achieving objectives in terms of delivery lead times, repair quality and performance as well as costs. To do so, the Employee ensures the repair of AP watches, from Quartz calibers (R020) to chrono calibers (R050).

•Ensure the complete maintenance of AP watches (uncasing, movement intervention, dials/hands fitting, encasing, etc.)
•Escapement tuning and dynamic poising
•Required level : from R030 to R050 (up to Chrono); Required experience : > 5 years
•Respect all company/CS processes (technical, quality, etc.)

watch repair



1. Ensure the complete maintenance of AP watches – level R050
2. Respect technical and quality objectives as well as the deadlines
3. Propose corrective actions or relevant suggestions for improvement (SPIRALE project) and ensure the proper use and maintenance of work tools

1. Sense of initiative
2. Quality Commitment
3. Collaboration and Communication




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