The watch industry has never been quite the same since iWatch’s blast into the market last year. Shell-shocked, watch makers are still in a state of denial, even as Apple’s watch is chomping big chunks off the market share. But not for the Swiss watchmakers whose legendary resilience have kept it strapped firmly onto the global arena of watchmaking.

So, what will be the impact of the iWatch to traditional watch sales? For time piece master innovator Swatch and the impeccable makers of Bulova, the Apple watch is not competition, nor a threat. In fact, it opens doors for opportunities to affirm their niche in the industry, and win new followers. For them, the wristwatch’s journey begins with sentimentality and ends with allegiance. While the apple watch is all about usability, mechanical watches are all about culture. And family. And heritage. The list goes on.

Here’s our fearless forecast: the watch repair shop will not be obsolete (as the techie guys think), but will be as valuable and sought after as ever.


Bulova wrist watchsmartwatch

Photo caption: A vintage Bulova wristwatch and an apple watch

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