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Posted by Mark Esslinger

When you need to replace a hidden or “Butterfly” clasp, the first thing you will need to do is measure the clasp so that you can order the correct replacement.


To get a proper measurement, you will need:
A digital micrometer gauge or another measuring gauge that is accurate to one tenth of a millimeter




Watch clasp size

First you will need to open the watch clasp to access the end of the clasp where the measurement is taken. There are two places to give you a correct measurement, the outside of the end of the clasp, or the inside of the end of the band. (If the clasp pin is missing, you can order a replacement pin to repair it.)
Your measurement is rounded to the nearest half-a-millimeter (0.50mm)

inside watch clasp
measure watch clasp
inside watch clasp

Now navigate to the website and choose your style replacement buckle then, from the dropdown menu, choose your size and color.





Once you have ordered and received your new watch clasps you can begin the installation process by following this video instruction guide.

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