Ensure your watch battery replacement is not only easy but successful with these 7 simple tips.
Test the condition of your watch battery with a battery tester.


1. Test The Battery

Save yourself time and effort by first confirming if the battery is the root of the problem. By using a battery tester like the GemOro EconoTester you get the most accurate reading of the battery’s current condition. This helps you determine if a simple watch battery replacement will fix your watch, or if you’re facing a more intricate repair.





Determine What Watch Battery To Buy2. Cross Reference Chart

Not all manufacturers use the same battery numbers nor are all batteries readily available. This can cause the process of determining the correct battery to buy to be a bit confusing. The use of this free watch battery cross reference chart will guide you in finding the correct replacement battery along with helpful specs like the battery’s size and voltage.



Extend Life of Batter with Power Saver Pen 3. Battery Saver

“If it works don’t fix it”, right? Well sort of, if you determine your battery still has power but it shows evidence of oxidation and residue the best thing to do in this case is remove all the gunk. With a battery saver pen you can prolong the life of your existing batteries by cleaning them up to prevent power draining contact resistance.






Plastic Tweezer For Watch Battery Replacement 4. Non Conductive Tweezers

The use of metal tweezers and your fingers can cause a brand new battery’s power to drain before it’s installed in your watch. The oils on your fingers can cause a corrosive effect or even short circuit the battery. A metal tweezers can drain the power from the battery and potentially damage your movement. Using a non conductive plastic tweezers is the best way to prevent that from happening.





How To Open a Case Back For Battery Replacement 5. Correctly Opening The Case Back

Now this may seem like a no brainer, but without being able to get at the battery you won’t be replacing it anytime soon. Don’t take the risk of scratching or possibly ruining the watch’s case back by forcing it open with the use of makeshift tools. A simple case knife and a screw on style case back opener are the most commonly used tools to open watches for watch battery replacement. They’ll make the repair far easier and prevent damage to your watch.

How to open a watch back




Watch Battery Clamps and Screw

6. Spare Parts

How your battery is secured will play an important role in powering the watch. Unfortunately tiny screws and cell straps can go flying during repairs. Having a mixed variety of spare parts around will help you in a pinch. Stay covered with a small investment like the “Spare Parts for Battery Replacement Kit”, which includes a variety of cell straps, screws for clamps and circuits, insulators, and gaskets.






Case Press, Watch Press, Crystal Press7. Watch Press

It’s important to have your case back closed correctly in order to have a tight seal that prevents moisture and dust from getting in. A watch press also known as a “case press” or “crystal press” allows you to use a lever motion to quickly and safely close snap on style case backs. Most act as a multi tool in that they also allow you to fit watch crystals. If you’ve mastered changing out watch batteries, next learn how to utilize this tool for replacing your broken and scratched watch crystals.

How to close a watch with a case press


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