Patek Philippe watch training program
Image Courtesy of Patek Phillippe


Patek Philippe, the luxury Swiss watchmaker understands that it will face difficulty finding good watchmakers in this digital age. But, the 175-year-old company has come up with a noble solution in this crucial time. It has opened a new school for watchmaking in the New York City. The school, which runs at its offices, is currently training 6 students who were selected from 300 interested candidates.


Patek Philippe movement

Image Courtesy of Patek Phillippe


If all goes well, these students will successfully graduate in 2 years and will be offered a job at Patek Philippe. These students are currently taught how to make watch tools, and it would be months before they can try their hand at watch repair.

Commitment was one of the qualities the company searched for in their candidates. Considering the dearth of master watchmakers and free nature of this course, it is obvious that the company would naturally look for this quality.

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