Wristwatch Doc is one of the 47 watch repair shops left in the United States with a 4-5 member crew of watchmakers. Wristwatch Doc repairs every luxury watch brand, carrying out repairs which might be as simple as changing watch batteries or as complex as full restoration of watches. John Gawronski and his crew are a dwindling breed of watchmakers. But, they are capable of using their watchmaker tools for more than just repair.

watchmaker success
Gawronski collects watch art from original watch advertising campaigns which are then displayed them on their website, wristwatchdoc.com. They are also looking forward to launching their own watch brand next year, where in they will take the best from each brand’s feature and use them in their own line. As the industry witnesses a rise in demand for watches, there is a rise in watchmaker jobs demanding more luxury watchmakers. But only a few shops such as the Wristwatch Doc have been able to provide expertise that can meet expectations.


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