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Posted by Esslinger Staff

Steampunk Watch Art
Photo: Sue Beatrice/All Natural Arts


Artist Sue Beatrice creates cute little animals out of watch parts. Beatrice collects antique watch parts (her favorites being those manufactured prior to 1850) and transforms them into jaw-dropping steampunk art. Her inspiration is fueled by her appreciation for the natural world. Other than sculpting adorable animals, Beatrice is skilled in jewelry making, painting, sand sculpting and mixed media.

Completing a single sculpture can take months, as sourcing antique watch parts is difficult. Beatrice purchases parts that are beyond watch repair from estate sales, families of watchmakers and even online. Beatrice starts with sketches, get all the pieces and starts assembling. Assembly usually takes several weeks, but the results are beautiful.


Watch Sculptures
Photo: Sue Beatrice/All Natural Arts

The details and depth of these assembled sculptures leave us wondering if at the sheer power of imagination and workmanship to transform it into reality. Even the watches from which these sculptures are made are a combination of true imagination and workmanship.

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Watch SCulpture art
Photo: Sue Beatrice/All Natural Arts


Lion pocketwatch art

Photo: Sue Beatrice/All Natural Arts


Porcupine watch art

Photo: Sue Beatrice/All Natural Arts



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