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Posted by Esslinger Staff

After 3 years of research and development, designer Dan Roosegarde has finally set up the largest purifier – the Smog Free Tower. It is presently operational at Rotterdam near Roosegarde’s studio. The tower was originally built and designed to be placed in Beijing where the smog level is very high.
The smog free tower consumes as much power as a water boiler while it cleans 30,000 cubic meters of air every hour. But the fun part about it is that it makes loose gemstones out of smog. They are compressed smog collected from a thousand cubic meter of air.

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A total of 1 million smog free cubes (as they are called) will be made. Processing these faceted gems will not only ensure the tower does not produce any waste, but also generate revenue for its upkeep and transportation by selling them. Roosegarde says that the purchaser should consider purchasing these gems equivalent to donating 1000 cubic meter of clean air to their city.


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