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20th century catalogue of supplies for watchmakers, jewelers and kindred trades (1899)

A catalogue of books, manuscripts, specimens of clocks, watches and watchwork (1875).pdf

A Description of a Clepsydra or Water-Clock (1753).pdf

A history of Simon Willard, inventor and clockmaker (1911).pdf

A Practical Course In Horology (1914)

A New Method of Constructing Sun-Dials (1767).pdf

A practical and theoretical treatise on the detach escapement for watches and time pieces (1884).pdf

A rudimentary treatise on clock and watch making; with a chapter on church clocks (1850).pdf

Abbott’s American watchmaker and jeweler (1898).pdf

American horological journal, devoted to practical horology, Volume 1 (1869).pdf

American horological journal, devoted to practical horology, Volume 2 (1869).pdf

American horological journal, devoted to practical horology, Volume 3 (1869).pdf

American horological journal, devoted to practical horology, Volume 4 (1869).pdf

An analysis of the lever escapement (1910).pdf

Bangerters inventions, his marvelous time clock (1911).pdf

Book of old sundials (1922).pdf

Catalog of clocks and bronzes (1882).pdf

Catalogue and price-list of fine imported and American machinery (1875).pdf

Catalogue of J.E. Brown & Co. Limited, chain makers (1906).pdf

Chats on old clocks (1917).pdf

Clocks and watches (1922).pdf

Collection of watches loaned to the Metropolitan museum of art of the city of New York (1907).pdf

Description of the universal time dial regulator (1874).pdf

Die Hemmungen der Uhren, ihre Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Reparatur und Behandlung (1905).pdf

Elements of mechanical philosophy, being the substance of a course of lectures on that science (1804).pdf

Friction, lubrication and the lubricants in horology (1896).pdf

History of the American clock business for the past sixty years, and life of Chauncey Jerome (1860).pdf

Isochronism of balance-springs (1862).pdf

Jeweled bearings for watches (1911).pdf

Modern letter engraving in theory and practice (1898).pdf

Modern methods in horology (1904).pdf

My uncle, the clockmaker, a tale (1845).pdf

New and complete clock and watchmakers’ manual (1860).pdf

Old clocks and watches & their makers (1904).pdf

Old clocks and watches & their makers (1922).pdf

Old Scottish clockmakers from 1453 to 1850 (1921).pdf

On the springing and adjusting of watches (1898).pdf

Practical lessons on the lever escapement, its tests, errors, their detection and correction (1916).pdf

Rules and practice for adjusting watches (1920).pdf

Secrets of the trade. For watchmakers and jewelers (1892).pdf

clockmakers of the city of London (1881).pdf

The American watchmaker and jeweler (1868).pdf

The book of sun-dials (1900).pdf

The clock jobber’s handybook, a practical manual on cleaning, repairing and adjusting (1889).pdf

The clockmaker, The sayings and doings of Samuel Slick (1836).pdf

The modern clock; a study of time keeping mechanism; its construction, regulation, and repair (1905).pdf

The story of Edward Howard and the first American watch (1910).pdf

The tower clock and how to make it (1903).pdf

The watch adjuster’s manual (1904).pdf

The watch and the clock (1883).pdf

The watch balance and its jeweling (1912).pdf

The watch factories of America, past and present (1888).pdf

The watch jobber’s handybook (1889).pdf

The watch; its construction, its merits and defects, how to choose it, and how to use it (1860).pdf

The watch. Hand work versus machinery, their merits and defects explained and compared (1877).pdf

The watchmaker’s and jeweler’s hand-book (1866).pdf

The watchmaker’s wife, and other stories (1893).pdf

The watchmakers’ lathe, its use and abuse; a story of the lathe in its various forms (1903).pdf

Time and its measurement (1909).pdf

Time and time-tellers (1875).pdf

Time telling through the ages (1919).pdf

Watch and clock escapements (1904).pdf

Watch makers tables (1914).pdf

Watches at wholesale prices (1890).pdf

Watches, the Paul M. Chamberlain collection at the Art Institute of Chicago (1921).pdf

Watchmaker’s and jeweler’s practical hand book (1892).pdf

Watchmakers’ and jewelers’ practical receipt book. A workshop companion (1892).pdf