This watch hand removing press is great for removing delicate watch hands from the movement without pushing on the dial like traditional watch hand removers like the Presto tool. Made of stainless steel, this tool comes with three pins (sizes 0.15mm, 0.60mm, and 1.00mm) and three extractors (sizes 0.60mm, 1.50mm, and 2.50mm) that work together to safely remove hands without scratching or marring the dial. Extractors measure 0.20mm thick to fit between the hands and dial or other hands.

Step 1

To begin removing the hands, you will need to decide which size pin and extractor to use. Select the extractor that will fit around the pinion that holds the hand – for second hands this will usually be the smallest extractor while the rest of the hands will use either size extractor.

Insert the selected pin into the extractor.

Insert the pin + extractor into the handle.


The red tip handle turns to adjust the placement of the pin.

Step 2

Insert the handle with the pin and extractor in the press and use the knurled knob on the side to lock the handle in place while you prepare your watch hands for removal.

Step 3

With your watch movement in a movement holder, place the watch so that the extractor slides under the second hand.

Turn the red part of the handle until the pin is pressing down firmly on the top of the second hand. When everything is in place and secure you can then lift up on the handle to remove then second hand from the watch (don’t forget to unlock the handle with the knurled knob on the side).

Step 4

Repeat the previous steps for removing the hour and minute hands -you can remove all of them at the same time. You will have to choose a different size pin and extractor for these hands.


Pull the hands off with the handle and you have now successfully removed the hands from your watch.