Open screw-on watch case backs with ease with this universal handle opener. The main advantage of this handle lies in its adhesion. The sphere can fit any case-back shape. Its deformation is limited by as adjustable stop, thereby providing a firm support and an optimal contact surface. The handle is ergonomic and light weight to minimize the physical force needed and improve hand comfort.

  • Universal watch back opener
  • For screw-on case backs
  • Adhesive, synthetic material is non-scratching
  • Adjustable contact area
  • Size: 68 x 110mm
  • Swiss made

Note: the sphere should be regularly cleaned using an alcohol soaked cloth to maintain adhesion. To adjust the contact area between the sphere and the case back, you need only unscrew the 6 screws and adjust the number of washers.

  • 3 washers: 25 to 35mm case back diameter
  • 2 washers: 35 to 42mm case back diameter
  • 1 washers: 42 to 44mm case back diameter
  • 0 washers: 44mm and more case back diameter