When it comes time to replace the needle in your Bergeon Automatic Oiler, it can be tricky to do so without breaking the needle. This guide will show you how to replace the needle.

First; the oil reservoir has a hole that the needle passes through that needs to come off before removing the needle. It is friction fit, so gently pull it off the oiler to remove.

Next, you need to measure how far out the broken needle is so we know how far to insert the new needle. With a ruler in hand, measure the length of the needle from base of the oiler (where to needle inserts into the handle) to the end of the tube where the needle comes out of.

To remove the broken needle out of the oiler use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw that holds the needle in place. You only need to turn a quarter to half turn; if you unscrew too far the spring inside the oiler will pop out.

Put the new needle into the oiler and with the ruler and your previous measurement insert it in as far as that measurement. You will have to decide how long you want the needle to be when the button is pressed to release the oil. You want the needle to pull back into the oil reservoir when the button is released.

Insert needle and measure to see how far you need to move it

Push the needle in to get to the desired length

Needle is inserted to the desired length

Screw the set screw back down to secure the needle in place. Don’t over tighten otherwise the needle won’t be able to move in and out to deposit oil.

With the needle inserted where you want it, put the reservoir back on. Be careful when stringing the needle through the reservoir as it can break easily. Friction the reservoir back in place.

You now have a newly replaced needle in your automatic oiler and it is ready for the next job.