Wendover Productions has made a brilliant video detailing the history of accuracy of our clocks. The video starts with town clocks where only one clock per town was built and this too would go off by as much as 20 minutes by the end of every day and thus needed to be adjusted every day. Pendulums,which came much later (video doesn’t talk about town clock’s mechanism) could keep time for a whole week and be off by as much as a minute. It took a 100 years for this new invention to reach every home. The pendulum is also believed to be an important catalyst of the Industrial Revolution.


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Clocks are now accurate to a billionth of a second in the present times. While this may seem like a lot of effort for humans that cannot tell a second from another, it is extremely important for the all the latest tech around us. The responsibility of keeping time is a task more serious than most of us would ever realize.



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