JCK put together the top 10 list of things to be on the lookout for to up your watch or jewelry game this year:


  1. Limited Edition Watches (as seen at the Only Watch Auction in Monaco)
  2. Auctions (like the upcoming Elizabeth Taylor jewelry collection auction in December)
  3. Politics (if you can get someone like the First Lady to rock your styles, your way further ahead than the celebrity designers)
  4. Television (step aside Ice Road Truckers and LA Ink and make room for Vegas Rocks a jeweler’s story)
  5. Diamonds (uproar over the Zimbabwe Marange diamonds has brought the Kimberley Process under new scrutiny)
  6. De Beers (is relocating to Botswana)
  7. Celebrities (If Lady Gaga can get diamonds on her incisors, why can’t you?)
  8. Demographics (be aware of how they are changing as the affluent middle class disappears up or down 0n the money spectrum)
  9. Bourses (uproar in the Diamond Dealers Club in New York might affect your business too)
  10. Stats (they’ll help you gauge the market and better meet the needs of your customers)


For a full description of what’s stirring in the watch and jewelry industry and how it may effect you (or help you get a leg up on your competitors) check out the JCK article.