You know those panicked feelings you get when your realize you’ve just forgotten something really important, something that could land you in the dog house with your significant other? Like say, when you’ve forgotten that tonight is your anniversary, you’re meeting her for dinner in an hour, and you still haven’t gotten her anything.


Most jewelry stores are already closed at this time of night, and everyone knows that grocery store flowers will tell the whole world that you’ve forgotten your anniversary. But wait! All hope isn’t lost yet! Introducing the Gitanjali Group’s jewelry ATMs or, in the vernacular, vending machines.


Jewelry & Gold Vending Machine
Bollywood star Raima Sen cuts the ribbon on Gitanjali’s first Jewelry ATM

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, in India you can now high quality last minute jewelry gifts for your loved ones. These vending machines dispense “gold and silver bars, coins, pendants with religious motifs and a range of diamond studded jewelry” according to


In an article from JCK online, the company is hoping to cater to people who are looking for last minute gifts to honor special occasions.

“The machine is a first of its kind anywhere in the world and will further revolutionize the processes by which precious metals and jewelry are bought,” said Sanjeev Agarwal, CEO of Gitanjali Export Corp., in a statement. “It has a particular significance in India, where usually such items are purchased as tokens to observe traditions on auspicious days. But it also offers choices for occasions like Valentine’s Day, or to a husband who forgot an anniversary or his wife’s birthday!”


Ladies (and gents too), how would you feel if your significant other bought your anniversary present from a luxury vending machine?