Earth diamonds took millions of years and extreme pressure to form diamonds. But now, ‘gem quality’ diamonds can be cultured in labs. Lab-grown diamonds have been used for industrial applications for many years, but recent advances in science has made it possible to grow good quality diamonds within a few days.
One of the most amazing aspects about lab-grown diamonds is that this artificial diamond literally grows out of a thin wafer of real diamonds. These wafers are no more than a quarter of a millimeter thick, which is about the thickness of a human hair. Each wafer grows almost 10 times its size on completion of the process, which takes only around several days.
Lab-grown diamonds are similar to earth diamonds in every physical aspect, and to tell the difference, you need to run specialized tests on it. However, as the video says, you’ll notice the difference as the lab-grown diamonds cost 15% less than the earth diamonds.


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