Inside an RW Smith Watch (Credit: Chris Baraniuk)


Digital watches may have replaced mechanical ones, but mechanical watches haven’t been completely forgotten. While most watches are made in factories and produced on a large scale, there is a class of super luxury watches that exist. These are handmade watches and a watchmaker can produce around 10 every year. That is not all, making certain watches can take more than a year each at the watchmakers bench. These watches are super-precise and they are made to last many decades without any watch repair.
Watchmakers go great lengths to make such watches as these watches not only work reliably, but also are also crafted to look aesthetically appealing. To give an example of how intricate the attention to detail is given, the silver used in one watch is oxidized through heating to achieve a certain kind of finish. Moreover, each watch is supposed to be flawless in its appearance. Well, if you are paying thousands of dollars on a watch, perfection is the least you can expect from it.


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