Not all treasure is hauled from the depths of the ocean. Sometimes it’s find in a Goodwill store.

Zach Norris would have never imagined that he would be able to buy a LeCoultre watch for only $5.99. Zach, who had developed an interest in vintage watches few years ago was able to identify the name of Jaeger-LeCoultre and immediately knew that the watch was worth much more than its price tag, even though he didn’t have a cope of The Complete Price Guide to Watches with him.
Experience had taught Zach to never pass such an opportunity and he bought it immediately. He posted its pictures on online forums and immediately started getting offers for purchase. After finding out its value, Zach decided it was too costly for him to either wear it or store it away, and, therefore, decided to sell it.
He received an offer from Eric Ku who already owned the same LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm, but was afraid to wear the mint condition watch. Zach finally hand-delivered the watch to Eric in San Francisco over lunch and received $35,000 for the rare collectible.


Picture by Roger Kirby

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