Do you ever feel like the day and date displays on your wrist watch are too small and hard to read? Don’t get rid of your watch, you can easily magnify the display by following these simple instructions to add a magnifier window to your watch crystal.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

Before you start to apply your magnifier to the watch crystal, take your clean up cloth and make sure that the crystal is completely clean by removing oils and fingerprints.


UV_cement_on_paperStep 2

When you are certain the crystal is clean, take your UV cement and squeeze a very small amount of the glue out onto your notepad. This will give you greater control over glue dispensing.








UV-pick_up_magnifierStep 3

Carefully pick up the crystal magnifier window with your pair of tweezers. Hold it by the edges so it lays flat between the tips of the tweezers.









UV-dip_magnifier_in_uv_cementStep 4

Dip the magnifier evenly into the glue on the notepad. Do not get any glue on the edges or the top of the magnifier. If you are worried about dropping the magnifier into the glue dot, you can use your pegwood or toothpick here to spread a small amount of glue on the flat side of the magnifier window.

Remember, it takes very little glue to cover the magnifier, and it will easily spread over the flat surface. Start with a small amount of glue as it is easier to add more than clean it off again.








UV-place_magnifier_on_crystalStep 5

Place the magnifier onto the flat crystal of the watch face directly over the day or date display that you wish to magnify. Since the glue needs to set up under a UV light, you can move it around a little bit on the crystal to find the right position.








UV-dry_magnifier_under_uv_lightStep 6

Once you are satisfied with the positioning of the magnifier, set the whole piece under your UV light and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Don’t tilt the watch until the glue has had time to set up.









Step 7

After the cement has set and the magnifier is securely in place you can remove any excess glue from the face of the crystal with the razor blade. While scraping the surface of the crystal be careful not to press to hard and damage the crystal.



Wipe the watch crystal off with your cleaning cloth when you are finished and wear you watch again with confidence that you can read the display. To learn more about watch repair, check out our other Learning Center articles.