Since all watch bands come in only a few standard sizes, it is most common to have a watch with a metal band that is too long. Use this guide to learn how to judge the length of your watch band and decide how many links you need to remove. You can always ensure that your watch band will fit perfectly by removing links.



Step 1

The first thing to do is put the watch on the wrist you plan to wear it on. Make sure that the watch is positioned exactly the way you want to wear it. When you are satisfied with the way it is positioned, turn your wrist over so that the watch band clasp side is facing up.



Remove_Links_metalWB-1Step 2

This is where you might need someone else’s help: with the watch band on your wrist, gather the slack in the band on one side of the band and hold the links together to simulate them being removed. Stop gathering the links up when the watch band fits your wrist just the way you like. You may need someone to help you hold the watch band and gather the links at the same time.




Step 3

Look where the links are gathered close together at your wrist – be aware that because of the design of the watch band they may not touch. The loose hanging links will tell you the number of links you should remove first. If you can’t accurately judge the number of links to remove, remove one less than you expect – it is always easier to remove another link than add one back in.



Step 4

Take the watch off your wrist and remove the number of links you decided on. For help removing links from your metal watch band, check out this link.



Once you have removed the first few links and put your watch band back together, put it on your wrist again to check the fit. If it is too big, remove another link and if it is too small, you can always put a link back in place. Keep checking the size of your watch band until you are satisfied with the way it fits.

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