In this post, we will show you how get a measurement for a watch gasket for a round bezel, so you can easily find a replacement gasket and matching crystal if needed.

The Tools You’ll Need are a measuring gauge, watchmakers tweezers and a magnifier.

watch repair gasket

Measuring the Inside of the Bezel

To know what measurement you need for your gasket, you first need to know the measurement of the inside of the bezel. You will need a caliper with an inside measuring jaw to do this.

There is a “Step” ledge at the bottom of the bezel where the crystal and gasket will sit. The inside of the wall above this ledge is what you will measure.

Insert the caliper into the step and take the measurement in two or three different places to get the most accurate measurement. Be sure to round to the nearest 1/10 of a millimeter (0.1)

Ordering the Replacement Gasket

After obtaining the bezel measurement, go to to find a gasket with an outside diameter that matches your measurement.

Take note:
The gasket will also list an inside diameter size. This is the size of the glass crystal that will fit properly into the gasket.

If the diameter of your existing crystal does not match the inside measurement, you will need to order another crystal that will fit inside the gasket.

watch repair gasket

Again, the gasket measurement is first obtained from the bezel, and not all gaskets are the same thickness, so a new crystal may be required.

Once you have the right gasket measurements, you can now order all your replacement parts.

watch repair gasket

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