Many types of watch bands are held together with friction pins. If you need more friction pins to add links to your watch band, you can use this guide to learn how to measure a friction pin to order replacements.







Tools Needed:




Measure_Friction_Pin-1Step 1

Take your old friction pin and lay it flat on your work surface so you can easily access it. Start by measuring the length of the friction pin. Take your digital gauge and open the jaws wider than the band itself. Then pick the friction pin up and position it between the jaws of your gauge and carefully close them until they grip the watch band securely. Repeat this measurement a second time to double check your results.




Measure_Friction_Pin-2Step 2

Then, turn the friction pin on its side so you can measure its diameter to order the right size replacements. Open the jaws of your gauge wider than the pin again, and position the pin in between the jaws. Close the jaws until they grip the friction pin snugly. This will give you the diameter of the pin. Repeat this measurement to verify your results.




Measure_Friction_Pin-3Step 3

Remember, if there are no friction pins that are the exact size you need, you can always cut a longer friction pin down to the size you do need.



Lastly, with your measurements in hand, you can order new friction pins for your watch band. To learn how to put your back together, check out our Learning Center.