Do you have a Gucci watch with an old, worn out leather band but you can’t find the right shaped replacement band? With our notching pliers you can finally have the perfect replacement leather band for you favorite leather Gucci watch.




Notch_Leather-TTools Needed:



Notch_Gucci-1Step 1

To ensure that you new watch band will fit your Gucci watch just right, you will need to start by measuring the lug of the watch case. Take your digital gauge and measure the length of the lug watch end first to find out how deep a cut you need to make in your new leather band. Use the regular jaws of your gauge to measure the inside of the lug from where it connects to the watch case to the outside edge of the lug.

Measure this section twice before recording your results to be sure you have the right length.


Notch_Gucci-2Step 2

Once you know how long the cut needs to be, you will need to figure out how wide it should be. For a Gucci style case, with a single cut in the center of the band, you just measure the width of the lug with your digital gauge. Measure the width twice and record the result.

When you know the width, you can select the notching pliers the best matches your needs.



Notch_Gucci-3Step 3

Before you can actually cut your new leather band, you will want to find the exact center of your new band. This way you can be sure that the band and watch stay centered together.

Measure the width of your new watch band with your digital gauge and divide the resulting measurement in half to find the halfway point.



Notch_Gucci-5Step 4

Once you know where the center of the watch band will be, measure from the outside edge of the band to the mid point that you calculated. Make a small mark on the watch band at this point.

To be confident that each half of the watch band will be positioned in the exact same place on the watch case, line up the two flat ends of the watch band pieces and mark the second half where you marked the first half.



Notch_Gucci-6Step 5

Then, you will want to take the length measurement of your watch case lug and mark that distance out on your watch band at the end of where you intend to cut the band. After you find the measurement you need with your digital gauge, you can lock the jaws in that position to easily mark the other half of the band to guarantee that each half of the band will be identical.



Step 6

When you have all these markings, you can notch your watch band with confidence. Starting with one half of the band, take your notching pliers and position the end of the band between the jaws of the pliers. Be sure to align your center marking with the middle of the cutting edge. Also be sure that your end marking will match up with the end of the cutting edge of the pliers.


Remember: It is easier to make one single cut with the notching pliers than to try to make two smaller cuts. Holding the watch band steady, slowly close the jaws of the pliers, allowing the metal to cut through the leather band. You may find it difficult to cut through the leather band with the notching pliers. To make it easier, you can brace the pliers against your workbench and use two hands to apply pressure to the tool, like this.


Step 7

Set the first half of the watch band aside and remove the trimmings from the pliers. Then, take the second half of the band and repeat Step 6 to cut the second half of the band to match the first.


Notch_Gucci-8Step 8

Once you have made the cuts in both portions of the watch band, you will want to use the fabric cement to seal the cut edges of the watch band to keep them from fraying or coming apart. Take your fabric cement, and one half of the watch band, and apply a small amount of adhesive all the cut edges. Be careful not to accidentally seal the hole in the band shut because if you do you won’t be able to connect the band to the watch case.

Set the first half of the watch band aside, and seal the second side of the band just like you did with the first.


Step 9

Finally, let the fast drying cement set up and dry for about a half hour to ensure a good seal.



Then, when the fabric cement has dried, you can attach your new watch band to your favorite Gucci watch. Check out this article to learn How to Attach a Leather Watch Band with Gucci Screws or learn other quick and easy watch repairs by checking out our Learning Center today.