Opening a watch back is pretty easy, you just need to identify what kind of watch case back you have and then get the right tools to open it. In this article, we will be addressing how to open a watch case back that is held on with screws. These watch case backs are generally smooth like a snap off watch back, except they are held in place with four, and sometimes more, screws.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

After you have gathered the tools you need, start by laying a Selvyt jeweler’s cloth out on your work surface and place the watch face down on the cloth. Depending on your watch band, you may have to open the band clasp or remove the watch band altogether to be able to access the watch back. Check out this article for help with removing your watch band.



Step 2

The next step, is to determine what kind of watchmaker’s screwdriver you need – generally you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver for these kind of screws. Once you know what type of screwdriver you need, you should test your screwdrivers in the screw until you find one that fits. It is important to use a screwdriver that is the right size to avoid stripping the screw head.



Step 3

Now that you have a good screwdriver, insert it into one of the case screws and hold the watch case steady. Begin to turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the screw. You should always use watchmaker’s screwdrivers because they allow you to tighten or loosen tiny screws while holding them in place at the same time.



Step 4

When the screw has been loosened and is almost out, take your non-magnetic tweezers and remove it from the case back. Place the screw in your watch parts tray to keep it from getting lost during the repairs. Be sure to always use non-magnetic tweezers or plastic tweezers when working with watches to keep from spreading unwanted charges around the watch movement.




Step 5screwsback_photo5

Move on to the next screw and repeat steps 3 and 4. Continue this process until all of the screws are in your parts tray and the back can be easily lifted off.







You can now remove the back and complete the watch repair. Once your repair is completed you can check out this article to learn How to Close a Watch Back with Screws.